What is Content Syndication?

Simply put, Content Syndication is republishing your content to another site to help expand your readers or audience. Think of it as in the old days of television when a program, movie or television show was “syndicated” to other stations.

Perception is 9/10 of Selling/ Consulting

If you consult for a living, you are familiar and have read all of Alan Weiss’s books. His influence on the consulting profession is irrefutable. His basic principles are reiterated and the information is worth repeating in many of his books.  As the world of consulting changes with digital marketers and agencies, we realize that some classic pioneers in consulting literature deserve credit where credit is due. Forward thinking companies, innovative buyers and tech firms still pay consultants what they were worth.

Consultants march to their own drum.

Bottom line for consultants: YOU HAVE GOT TO ASK FOR IT. But the caveat to that is, not without first building perceived “value.”

Alan Weiss is a proponent of pushing for retainers and move on from clients that don’t get it.

He tells it like it is.